Knights of Columbus   
Santiago de Compostela Assembly 2305


    The official dress for the Fourth Degree Exemplification is black tuxedo, black bow tie, plain white tuxedo shirt (NO wing tip shirts), black shoes, and black cummerbund. Religious and members of the armed services may wear their clerical garb or dress uniform respectively. Members shall wear the official dress plus social baldric, lapel pin and jewel of office.
Starting at the Supreme level there is the Supreme Master and the Supreme Board of Directors. The next level of the structure is broken into provinces of which there are twenty. Each province is lead by a Vice-Supreme Master. The Vice-Supreme Master wears a light blue lined cape and chapeau. There are currently 15 provinces in the United States, 4 in Canada, 1 in Mexico and 1 in the Philippines.

Master JewelThe province is then broken up into districts.  Orange County Assemblies are in the Junipero Serra Province. Most districts are either an entire State or a section of a larger State (i.e. California  has three districts - North, Central and South). A Master (jewel pictured left) is in charge of a District and wears gold lined cape and chapeau. Master's are responsible for overseeing the Installation of 4th Degree Assembly Officers, The Renewal of Obligations in January, and holding at least one 4th Degree Exemplification each year.

District Marshall JewelAlso a Master usually has a District Marshall (jewel pictured right) to assist him. The District Marshall wears a green lined cape and chapeau. Faithful Navigators wear a white cape and chapeau. Faithful Navigator Jewel The Jewel for the 4th degree officers are suspended from a red, white, and blue ribbon. Each contains the 4th Degree Emblem and title of the Officer's position. The Assembly is structured in much the same manner as a Council. Below is a chart that shows the 4th Degree Assembly Officer's title and the 3rd Degree Council equivalent.


4th Degree Officer Title

3rd Degree Officer Title

Faithful Navigator
Faithful Friar
Faithful Captain
Faithful Admiral
Faithful Pilot
Faithful Scribe
Faithful Comptroller
Faithful Purser
Faithful Inner Sentinel
Faithful Outer Sentinel
Faithful Trustee 3rd Year
Faithful Trustee 2nd Year
Faithful Trustee 1st Year

Worthy Grand Knight
Worthy Chaplain
Worthy Deputy Grand Knight
Worthy Chancellor
Worthy Warden
Worthy Recorder
Worthy Financial Secretary
Worthy Treasurer
Worthy Inside Guard
Worthy Outside Guard
Worthy Trustee 3rd Year
Worthy Trustee 2nd Year
Worthy Trustee 1st Year

Certain members of the Fourth Degree serve as Color Guards and Honor Guards at civic and religious functions, an activity which has brought worldwide recognition to the Knights of Columbus organization. Honor Guardsmen have mastered the "Manual of the Swordsmen".
Explanation of the colors of capes and chapeau worn by the Fourth Degree when in full regalia, and what these colors signify.  They are as follows:
Vice Supreme Master Light Blue
Master Gold
District Marshal Green
Color Corp Commander Purple
Faithful Navigator White
General Membership Red Cape-White Plumes

Once a Sir Knight attains an office, he is entitled to wear the colors of that office until elected or appointed to a higher office, except for the Marshal [appointed by the Master of District] and the Color Corps Commanders [appointed by the Faithful Navigator] who are appointed for a specific term and then revert to their previous colors when that term expires.

Vice-Supreme Master Master District Marshall Commander Faithful Navigator Color Corp
Master District Marshall
District Commander
Color Corp
Color Corp
When a Fourth Degree Member or Color Corp Member is dressed in his tuxedo there are seven miniature jewels he may wear if he validly holds the title of a Past or Former Officer. Six of the seven jewels are shown below. The one for Former Supreme Director is missing. They are from left to right:

Minature JewelsPast State Deputy
Former District Deputy
Past Grand Knight
Past Faithful Navigator
Former Master
Former Vice-Supreme Master